Monologue Producer, The Nightly Show

- Produced a total of 62 topical daily monologues including 40 TX daily monologues for hosts that included, Dermot O'Leary John Bishop, Davina McCall, Jason Manford, Bradley Walsh and Gordon Ramsay as well as Joe Lycett, Katherine Ryan, Eamonn Holmes and other non-tx hosts. 

- Across writers room of rotating cast of 3-5 comedy writers in daily, and working closely with the hosting talent daily, to produce a daily, topical monologue from scratch each day relevant to our ITV mainstream audience and suited to our host. 

- Working towards hourly writing, read-through, legal, host, rehearsal and record deadlines every day from 0830.

- Recording the monologue in front of an audience every day by 1900. Editing the show open and monologue immediately on-site by 1930 and assisting the remaining part one edit by 2000-2030 daily. Then starting all over again.