Producer, Comedians Solve World Problems

Producing 10x established & emerging comics in different one-on-one pairings to script comedy solutions to 8x genuine world problems. Short-form for CC online.

Overseeing AP and Researcher crafting topic cheat sheets, casting comedians, back and forth with them on material, script producing, producing shoot & overseeing edit. 

  • Sexism - Tez Ilyas vs Rose Matafeo
  • Racism - Nish Kumar vs Joel Dommet
  • Politics - Kae Kurd vs Ed Gamble
  • Overpopulation - Ed Gamble vs Catherine Bohart
  • Middle East - Alex Edelman vs Tez Ilyas
  • Hacking - Ellie Taylor vs Alex Edelman
  • Gentrification - Catherine Bohart vs Kae Kurd
  • Donal Trump - Rose Matafeo vs Ellie Taylor